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Make your hotel/motel guest compendium mobile today

Allow your guests access to your hotel/motel information on their own device - mobile phone, tablet, computer - let's make your compendium easy to access and part of the future!

Introduce Your Property

Provide concise, modern and professional accommodation compendium styled information

Stay connected with your guests at every stage of their stay (before, during, after)

Create the wow experience throughout your guests journey - from start to finish.

Inform your Guests

Always provide up-to-date and accurate information in one easily accessible place. 

All hotel information is easily found through mystay making your guests stay hassle free!

No need to download a mobile app - inform your guests the easy way with mystay

Engage with your guests

Engage before, during and after your guests stay, communication is key.

Allow your guests a hassle-free stay with access to your information anywhere, any time and any device.

Generate more revenue - give your guests the ability to book straight from mystay.

  • Care for your environment

    Save on printing costs and reduce the amount of paper and plastic you use.

  • Customised Design

    Light or dark version - choose what is best suited to your brand. 

  • Easy to access and convenient

    Easy to access - no need to download an app. 

  • Save Time

    All content updates are easily managed by Marketing Fuel at your request.

  • User Friendly

    Designed with your customer in mind making it fine-tuned and user friendly.

Today’s emerging generation (your current or potential future customers) have never known a life without the internet. Inform them of the information that matters, in the format they know.

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Enhance guest experiences with mystay

Your guest room information compendium is one of the first things to make an impression on your guests. Whether you operate a city hotel, boutique lodge or small town motel – the mystay compendium will have you covered. Mystay enables you to create unforgettable, unique, modern  and simple guest experiences

mystay - the future in guest engagement


Powered by Marketing Fuel

Marketing Fuel are a team that is made up of designers, developers, forward thinkers, marketing fanatics and environment lovers. We have all had first-hand experience within the tourism and hospitality industry from front of house to management to back of house, small cafes to international hotels and we have all traveled extensively enabling us to create mystay with you and your guests in mind. mystay is the outcome of years of experience within the industry itself.

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